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My Magical Mundane

In experimenting with my design, it has not been easy to get in touch with my authority. My authority is ego, what I say or do when I am not thinking. It is not a preconceived thought or plan that my mind thinks I should say or do. It comes out spontaneously, an in the moment BLAST that leaves my mind wondering what the hell I just said and where it came from. It’s not always pretty but it does seem to carry an impact, so it’s pretty interesting to watch.

I seem to be spending a lot of time alone these days, so I don’t get to hear my authority as much as I’d like, but there is another way I experiment. Every morning when I wake, I remind my mind, as it’s chattering away: Today is a BODY day. Today I will do what the body does and you (mind) get to watch. My mind seems to like being informed, and always hopes to be in charge tomorrow. I go about my day, just doing what I do, whatever is indicated in that moment. It’s not like the daily tasks at hand would be considered exciting, there are dishes to do and errands to run. But more and more, these ordinary moments have taken on a different quality, as if something in my awareness has shifted and I seem to be watching my life through a different lens. While doing dishes I see my hands and watch them and chuckle at how they don’t even seem like my hands. While driving to the store, I watch myself turn left instead of right, and ending up at a completely different destination than my mind had planned. Sometimes, there will be a serendipitous occurrence, such as getting everything I needed at one place instead of two, or perhaps a chance meeting with a friend I have not seen in awhile. But most of the time my mind can find no reason. No reason that I know of, why my body’s direction is so different than what I ‘thought’ it should be. I am realizing I am finally beginning to get more and more comfortable watching my life as it happens, instead of letting my mind drive my vehicle around.

Human Design has impacted me in ways I never dreamed imaginable. The knowledge of the system goes so deep and I’m continually driven to learn more and more, devouring every recording and piece of writing I can get my hands on. While the information is so exciting and helps my mind relax, I have to say, living this has got to be the best part. It feels so incredible to observe myself, going through this process of simply watching my life unfold, while letting go of my mind’s agenda. Being present with what is, and even if my mind might wish for something to be different, just watching that, not acting on it but letting it die. Learning to follow my strategy and authority is like having the secret codes to my own video game. It certainly has not been easy to get to this place and I continue to fall down, again and again, but it feels like a great reward for all the deconditioning. Taking the decision process away from the mind and releasing it into a mechanic, in the body, has resulted in a surprising movie with a script that my mind could have never come up with. FORM Consciousness…. what a trip. My ordinary little life feels EPIC.

posted on August 28 2015

School Announcements - March 5th, 2012

Hi Everyone!  Just a reminder - We have a time change coming up here in the USA.  Effective Sunday March 11th, 2012 we will 'spring forward' an hour, which will affect the GMT times for all the current courses.  When you login to your IHDS account, your registered classes should reflect the correct time.  Thanks!
posted on March 5 2012