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PTL I Program Article by Brian D. Stout

So! You're considering taking on the Professional Level Training Program? Great! There is one question I would ask, "Why?" Now, before you read on, really stop and answer that truthfully. I'll wait.

If your answer was anything other than "Because, following my Strategy and Authority, it seems to be the correct thing to do," I would suggest that you look at this choice again. Really! Here are a few "Monkey Mind Motivations" that are fairly typical for joining this training program and will ultimately get in the way of your successful completion;

The obsessive consumption of information: Our minds crave information and, boy oh boy, is Human Design a candy store for that! While you will be introduced to additional aspects of the Human Design System, it isn't about the information. If information were the main ingredient to a powerful and effective Foundation Reading, computers could handle that. But it isn't about the information so a computer print out of a Chart will never replace a Foundation Reading from another living, breathing, Energetic Being operating correctly.

The endless search for fixing what's broke:
Again, our Monkey Minds are convinced that there is something deeply wrong with us. Oh, we can disguise it with flowery affirmations and uplifting hopes and dreams but, deep down inside, the Monkey Mind persists with "Ya, but, if you could just get this right (whatever this is), then you would be a better person". Your adventure through the Professional Training Level Program will be an exploration in to how your Not Self Conditioning really is running the show and to what degree you are giving your Type, Strategy, and Authority lip service; using it only if you get what you want. The process of taking your understanding of the Human Design System to a deeper level will demonstrate to you the genius of Ra's words when he said, over and over, "It all comes back to Type, Strategy, and Authority. Nothing supersedes this."

The "good idea" that this will be a great profession:
This is a clever one! Such a juicy answer to the question "What should I do with my life?" Then, we twist that in to some sort of money making scheme. Don't get me wrong; should Professional Analysts be able to earn a living off of providing this penetrating awareness and unique perspective on life to folks? Absolutely! Is that a good reason to become an Analyst? Nope. In fact, to me, it's the worst reason one could come up with. Through your unfolding and blooming process, magnified in the Professional Training Level Program, you'll soon find a place where money isn't the issue. You'll come a deep place of longing to bring this deeper awareness and perspective on life to others. The money you will earn will take a back seat to the query "Did my Client truly see themselves clearly and witness the beauty of who they are?"

In conclusion, I ask again, "Why are you interested in pursing the certification as a Professional Human Design Analyst?" If it truly is a result of following your Type, Strategy, and Authority, I give you my solemn promise and oath that I will do all that I can to guide, instruct, and empower you to building for yourself a strong foundation in to your understanding and appreciation for the Human Design System that will serve you throughout your training and career as an Analyst.

I look forward to seeing you in Class! (If it's truly correct for you).
posted on June 16 2015

The Difference Between 30 and 42

In February of 2009 I was introduced to Human Design and in May of that year I had my Foundation Reading. Being a 2/4 Manifesting Generator with 11 channels (Complete Integration Channel, Centering Circuit, the Stream of Intuition plus a few other odds and ends) I blazed through the various levels of the education process completing the entire course, including Professional and LYD Guide Training in 30 months. I was on such a roll that I almost, almost became recognized as a Certified Analyst at that time. Fortunately, Genoa Bliven asked a simple question, “How long has he been in his experiment?” It had only been 2 1/2 years.

I had no problem accepting the 3 1/2 year time requirement but did wonder what the big deal could be. I had to trust the wisdom of Ra, Genoa, and Lynda that there IS a difference. December 1, 2012, marked the 3 1/2 year time period and I have become a fully recognized Certified Human Design Analyst. I am here to tell you, from first hand experience, THERE IS a difference between 30 months and 42 months.

I have been practicing providing readings over passed year and I can report that these readings are becoming - magical; even mystical. Much of my speaking comes spontaneously from a depth of wisdom that far surpasses my knowledge and embraces a “remembering” that - well - isn’t mine. In recent readings, there has come a point where the chart in front of me “reveals itself” and suddenly the keynotes all coalesce, dance and sing, and orchestrate themselves in to a description that transcends technique. Honestly, I find myself often weeping at the beauty I see before me and find myself humbled trying to convey this elegance to my client. Something gets communicated though as my clients will often reply, after a moment of silence, “Thank you. You have given me an insight in to my life that I have always felt but now I can fully embrace and embody.”

Of course, being a 2/4, I haven’t done all that much more research although I have listened to various recordings of Ra and I putter about with transits. I can say that the keynotes are rarely far from my conscious awareness and notice them being used with emphasis by others in casual conversations. “I’m so frustrated by ....” “I have this odd, perverted obsession with.....” “I’m in the mood for.....” “Well, that’s done. What’s next?” All this and more spoken from people who have no awareness of Human Design.

I am also noticing that people in general, especially those over 50, are finding themselves seemingly forced to find a new way of living their life; the old way is simply not working any more. Many people spontaneously disclose to me that they are compelled to dig deeper in to this thing called life and what is truly going on. All this with no initiation on my part; I am simply listening. These instances are becoming more and more frequent and are impactful for me as well as the other.

My conclusion is simply this; something IS happening. There IS a difference between 30 months and 46 months in to one’s experiment. It is going to be unique for each person as each person has a uniqueness that will begin to reveal its true nature 46 months in to their experiment. What will be revealed is a world that works; that is whole, perfect, and complete - missing no integral part. A world that is easy to operate within. A world that does not require my forcing, pushing, or insisting upon anything. A world that knows where it is going and that I am intimately engaged within. A world that will develop just as it needs to, when it needs to, as it needs to. All there is for me to do is sit back, have a sip on a refreshing beverage, and look out the window. I can only imagine what the next 46 months will reveal!!
posted on December 18 2012