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A Human Design Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone,

Thanksgiving is a national holiday here in North America that is a day of giving thanks for the blessing of our harvest and past year. Last week we had our Thanksgiving celebration, and I have to say, I am very thankful for Human Design!

The concept behind Thanksgiving is similar to the other celebrations around the world. There are many ways cultures come together to show thanks during the fall season.

The Chinese celebrate an August Moon Festival, also known as Woman Festival. The Romans celebrate Cerelia in honor of Ceres (the Goddess of Corn). The Koreans celebrate Chu-Sok, which goes on for three days! The Vietnamese celebrate Tet Trung Thu, the Indians Pongal, the Jewish Succoth, the Africans Kwanzaa.

Regardless of the date, rituals, and customs, harvest-time celebrations are all about food, family, and friends. Gratitude for the people in our lives and the abundance in our lives is a feeling that we share with each other in order to grow closer and to appreciate.

Often families will reunite physically during this holiday. By sharing these feelings in the ritual of eating traditional foods, we bond by taking time away from our hectic daily routine and come together, incorporating whatever family or religious traditions as are particular to our tribe.

For those of us who are in our Human Design Experiment, participating in this holiday can become a real test of our commitment to ourselves. In order to resist the very strong conditioning patterns that set in motion since childhood around our family and loved ones, we need to cultivate awareness.

But what do we need to be aware of? Without knowing your design and the mechanics of it, it can be infinitely harder to become awake to the forces around you and within you.

We all have our particular Strategy and Authority. If we follow them in front of the people close to us (especially those who established authority over us as children) they often feel, they have the authority to question our behaviors. Sometimes, they'll demand explanations for our decisions, and consciously or unconsciously put pressure on us to be like them.

There are so many ways that we can fall back into the not-self strategies of our mind, and it's way of protecting the openness in our chart. Thankfully, if we have had the opportunity to take a Living Your Design class, we can recognize the signposts of our open centers' sensitivity. If we know the designs of our relatives and friends, we can also witness their the patterns of behavior and learn from the experience, rather than be further conditioned by it.

Human Design allows us to understand, accept and love each other in a way unavailable to us before Ra brought it forth into the world. It is truly unlike any other system on the planet in its ability to describe the mechanics of how we operate as a form.

Human Design gives you the possibility of transforming tolerance (as can be the case when families gather together for the holidays) into a true appreciation of yourself and the other for your vast differences and uniqueness. Knowing the mechanics of yourself and others gives a grace that brings you the gift of awareness and so much closer to the potential of your uniqueness and reduces the resistance you experience in your life.

However, it is in the actual following of your Strategy and Authority that you wake up to what you are. Over time, the experience of being a witness to your life instead of trying to control it, can truly help you to shatter the hold of your conditioned mind. Releasing your attachment to the mind's machinations decreases the amount of resistance you encounter in the form of anger, frustration, bitterness and disappointment.

Over time, consistent adhesion to following your Strategy and Authority allows you to experience more of the peace, satisfaction, success and surprise that is the signature of your Aura Type's functioning in the world.

So my wish for myself and for you is to simply enjoy the movie. Watch with as much awareness as you can. If you haven't yet had the benefit of a Living Your Design class, right now might be a good time to check in with your authority. Learn how to live your design and watch the transformation of your perspective.

With a Warm Heart,

posted on December 2 2014

2014/2015 IHDS Fall Brochure

Hello Everyone,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the new 2014/2015 Academic Year at the International Human Design School. It is amazing to think about how the IHDS started in 1992 with Ra Uru Hu and a small group of students. We now have schools all over the world teaching on the ground and online. It’s wonderful to watch it grow.

This year we are offering a couple of exciting programs that have not been offered for a while, Rave Cosmology and DreamRave Certification. We are excited to get them kicked off in September 2014 along with many other wonderful programs.

We are starting the new school year with another BG5 Business Consultant Certification Program with Michael Brown. Mike is also offering an exciting workshop for current BG5 Consultants to help polish your skills, learn some new tools, and get some practice! BG5 has become a wonderful way to differentiate yourself as a professional and gives you a way to empower your clients in these changing times. I feel strongly that this is the time for this important knowledge to get out to and help as many people as possible.

Brian D. Stout and Cathy Kinnaird are teaching the PTLI course. For those of you interested in becoming a professional analyst and offer empowering and impactful readings to your clients, you will want to consider this program.

PTLII, Connections is being offered by Darshana Mathews. In this course you will learn the mysteries of relationships and the mechanics behind the scene driving the possibility for love and companionship, or drama and discord. This is a fascinating course and something that affects us all.

Carol Zimmerman continues to do a wonderful job with her classes: Living Your Design, Rave ABCs, Rave Cartography and Living Your Design Guide training. These are the foundation and entry level courses offered for anyone. Lynette Hagins is offering reading clinics, which by the way, are getting rave reviews! These clinics are impactful on a personal level and also educational. And, she is doing a Manifestor lecture for us. The mysteries of the Manifestor will be revealed; very exciting!

It’s wonderful to offer a course by Mary Ann Winiger, Awakening Exploration. Mary Ann is a very special teacher and human being. If you have not experienced her teaching, this is a great opportunity!

Josette Lamotte is offering the OC16 Business Certification course also starting in the fall. This course certifies you for large business consulting. And we also have something just for Projectors with Ella Aboutboul called Not Here to Work – A Projector’s Journey of Self Recognition.

You can take advantage of the Early Bird prices until September 1, 2014. Please enjoy looking over the brochure and let us know if you have any questions.

Enjoy the journey,

Lynda Bunnell, Director

To download brochure please click here.
posted on July 27 2014

Analyst Training Program

Hello Everyone,

The 2012/13 International Human Design School year is finishing up this month and I always feel a sense of reflective melancholy when profound journey’s come to an end. This year is especially profound for me personally as I am completing a 7-year cycle which started when Ra Uru Hu asked me to join the IHDS as the Dean in 2006. What a bittersweet moment as my thoughts take me back to that time. It was so exciting to work with Ra and be involved in his beloved school.

The Analyst program has special significance for me. It’s not just a training program; it’s a profound personal journey. Each year we have a group of brave students gather together to connect, share, experiment, learn, and bear their souls while they take this journey. Many enter into this program not fully realizing that they are entering into a personal and intense deconditioning process while learning to be an analyst. “The deeper you go into the knowledge while living your Strategy and Authority, the more you transform”. Ra left us with such an amazing legacy as he laid the foundation for the Human Design training programs.

I can only imagine how daunting all of this must have been for him as he contemplated how he would begin to tell his story and share Human Design with the world. It was one step at a time with small gatherings in people’s homes, and somewhere in my archives I have an audio recording of one of his very first Human Design presentations.

At some point early in this process he realized that he would need to train others to help him take Human Design out to a wider audience, and the Analyst Training Program was born. From what he shared with me, he first trained people to simply read or relay the data on the chart to the client. These were pretty basic readings, similar to reading a printout. My very first reading was like this. It was effective but very one-dimensional. The knowledge itself is so profound and recognizable on a cellular level, however, that even this basic reading captured my attention – It sparked something deep inside of me and I had to know more; and so began my journey.

As time moved forward Ra gained more and more experience doing readings and presenting the knowledge, he soon discovered that the basic training was not enough. He needed to provide a training program with a more 3-dimensional holistic approach to reading a chart, so he introduced Keynoting, the stringing or weaving together of key phrases or words that describe the BodyGraph. This technique was a mutative or quantum leap forward in the process of learning how to read charts, taking us to a whole new level of sophistication.

Concurrently, he realized that, not only do students need proper training on how to weave together the information in the BodyGraph, but they themselves needed to live their own designs and go through their personal deconditioning process in order to be effective as an Analyst. After all, we are initiating people into the journey of a lifetime of self-discovery, which involves profound transformation in their lives through becoming their own authority. He knew that in order for an analyst to convey this message effectively they needed to embody the experience themselves. In recognition of this, he expanded the Analyst Training Program to a 3.5-year program. This way, he gave the Analyst, at a minimum, the opportunity to be 3.5 years down the road in their personal deconditioning process before they could be certified as a Professional Analyst.

As I think about the Analyst Training Program I can’t help but think about the BodyGraph circuitry. On the one side we have the Logic Circuit and on the other side we have the Abstract Circuit. The Analyst Training Program incorporates these two important processes: The abstract process of discovery, living, transforming, and making progress through experience, and the logical process rooted in the insatiable pressure to correct, repetition, learning skills, resulting in talent. The end result is an experienced and talented Analyst! Brilliant.

I’m turning my attention now to the new school year beginning in September and the launch of a new Analyst Program. The program as it exists today is an excellent program and we have wonderful teachers. Feel free to browse the upcoming courses at the IHDS at http://www.ihdschool.com/School/Professional_Education or search the professional listing page http://www.ihdschool.com/Professionals to find a “PTL1” teacher (Professional Training Level 1).

It’s a journey of a lifetime.

Love Yourself,


International Human Design School

posted on July 10 2013

The Changing Program

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having an enjoyable summer. The movie of life has been very interesting of late. So many changes are all around as we watch and experience our world shift from the Cross of Planning to the Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix. Another way to say this is the "background frequency" that has supported us globally is moving out of a tribal community oriented way of life to an individual empowerment way of life.

Our planet was seeded with the Human Design knowledge at just the right time! Its tools help us as individuals to make the transition to personal individual Authority. The world will no longer support those that look to external authorities for their answers and decisions. This means we need to examine our old mental constructs that are based on the past. It means we have to be very attentive to what we think and say and where our actions originate from. We have to ask ourselves, is this thinking or action coming from the old paradigm?

For those of you interested in more information about this evolutionary shift, we have a self-study lecture by Mary Ann Winiger covering this information. Here is an excerpt from the lecture description: "We cannot live in this world today and not realize that the foundation is crumbling. It is no longer working. What has created the underlying foundation for our human life is shifting and it can be truly alarming if one does not understand that this is all part of the bigger program at work. It is not the end of the world. It is an evolutionary process. The Global consciousness program operates through "locks" and "keys" rooted in the gates of the Rave I'Ching. The keys that have worked for the past 400 years are all changing. This lecture explains these changes and can help us to understand what has been and what is coming. Change is not something to fear. With understanding and being rooted in ourselves, we can witness change rather than be frightened of it. We can be correct in the world - in spite of this shifting sand. The world can change and we will move according to who we are within those changes. We can remain anchored and aligned within ourselves - even when the world turns upside down."

I believe that anyone will benefit from understanding this shift. This evolutionary process is not only impacting the way in which we live our lives, but also in the way in which we think. Living a 9-Centered life through Strategy and Authority is paramount to navigating through this transition. Here is the link to this self-study page: http://www.ihdschool.com/School/General_Education/Self_Study_Programs Just scroll down and look under Mary Ann's listing. It is titled Global Cycles: Our Changing Times. Enjoy this fascinating lecture!

We have this simple Human Design technique called Strategy and Authority. When we stop and check in with ourselves to see if a decision/action is coming from our Strategy and Authority then we are aligning with the new paradigm. As Ra used to say "it's simple but not easy." When we align with our Strategy and Authority the old paradigm within us is being disassembled one decision at a time, and we are replacing it with a new paradigm in alignment with the times we are living in.

Each one of us is a microcosm of the macrocosm. There will be many personal transformations as we make these internal and individual changes through each new decision. Each moment that life presents us with something to decide upon, we have the opportunity to step into the new paradigm and align with the new world.

I personally find this heartwarming and comforting and I'm so thankful we have the tools we need. Thank you for reading my morning musing as I sit in the wonder and gratitude of life.

Love yourself,


International Human Design School
posted on July 3 2013

The Not-Self

The Not-Self! What is it?

What is the Not-Self according to Human Design? Is it a bad thing? No. Is it a good thing? No. It just is. It is something that we live with, that we co-exist with. It is a part of us. The term “Not-Self” is just a term that is used to describe the part of us that the mind falsely identifies as “me”, as who I am. Some have misinterpreted this term as being a bad thing. They might say, “oh that’s your not-self” or “oh that’s my not-self”, meaning she/he or I was doing something bad or wrong. When we take the morality out of the term, however, it simply states a fact: “that is not me” or “that is not you”.

It is the mind that is misidentifying with the Not-Self. The mind makes it personal and judges it as bad. The truth is, the True Self and the Not-Self are blended together as us, as one. We could just as easily say “the definition” (true-self) and the “non-definition” (not-self). In reality, though, these two pieces cannot be separated; the True-Self is both definition and non-definition co-existing together in a healthy way. They are one, and are only discussed as individual pieces so that our mind can begin to distinguish between what is and is not us. What we are trying to achieve, by learning to discern what is and what is not us, is a healthy whole rather than a distorted whole. Let me explain …

The only reason there is a term for the Not-Self (how the white spaces in our design are misinterpreted) is so that we can step outside for a moment and look at it objectively, to see it mechanically, in order to see that there is a difference between definition and non-definition; and to see the potential distortion with the non-definition. Through our life experiences, non-definition is personalized and misinterpreted, and therefore distorted by the mind.

Mechanical is a term used to describe the nuts and bolts of something, such as here is the blueprint, the mechanical drawing with the facts (the BodyGraph). These facts are neither good nor bad; they just are what they are. It is we humans that see the term or the thing Not-Self as bad. The mind measures everything and puts it into a category! I find it is best not to get too hung up on the terminology or interpret it based on social conditioning. For me, learning not to place a moral judgment on the Human Design terms requires an expansion of thinking, and I quite like this challenge.

When we look at a BodyGraph we see areas that are colored in and we see areas that are white. The colored in areas represent definition, our life force that we put out into the world. We influence or impact the world with our life force; it expresses the essence of who we are. You step into a room and you bring that life force into the room.

The white spaces represent how we take in the other, the environment. When I meet someone with definition in their design that I don’t have, then my white areas take that other person in energetically. Those white spaces, receptive places, are where we meet and greet each other. It feels this way or it feels that way depending upon the many different mechanical things that happen when we meet.

When my mind tries to process why it feels this way or that way, I then get into measuring the encounter. From that measuring I create a descriptive story. Oh, it felt so good to meet him or oh, it felt so bad to meet him, etc. Someone else can meet the same person and because their hooks-ups are different based on their unique designs they will have a completely different experience!

The non-definition part of us has been distorted and misinterpreted by the mind. Survival is built into our DNA, and our mind is very much absorbed and preoccupied with survival. Our mind takes the information from all the encounters over the years, categorizes and compartmentalizes, and tries to create mental strategies for survival. We then live a life based on these confused and distorted mental strategies to survive, making one distorted mental decision after another, and ending up living a life that is not us – a Not-Self life.

My point is that the term Not-Self simply means: It’s not me. The term is intended to help put what is not me into perspective, and not to cast blame, create shame or guilt, or to make you feel bad about yourself. Once you understand what in your design is not you, you can take in the encounter with the other without needing to build a mental story around it, or trying to figure it all out. You can enjoy the difference for what it is – just difference.

Our non-definition is where we go to school and eventually, hopefully, become wise. The information and experiences that we take in through our non-definition white spaces teach us. Our non-definition IS what we are here to be curious about, but it is not us. We are attracted to what we are not. We are naturally attracted to difference because it’s interesting. This difference that we learn about, when we are rid of all the distortion, gives us a completely different view of life, a much clearer view.

Strategy and Authority are decision-making tools that by-pass or transcend the mind. Surrendering to our body consciousness, our Strategy and Authority, allows us, decision-by-decision, to realign our lives and live as ourselves. In Human Design, this is the journey of deconditioning and awakening. As we decondition we begin to live the life we were meant to live, and take in life through our non-definition as it was meant. We begin to live a holistic life fully integrating our definition, and our healthy non-definition, without distortion. This is freedom! And once we attain this state of being, we have the potential for a clean and clear “Outer Authority” to share with others.

Love Yourself,

Lynda Bunnell
International Human Design School
posted on April 16 2013

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