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Human Design Brazil Presents an International Live Event - Connecting Human Design

December 3rd through 7th, 2012 at Sol da Terra - Lagoa da Conceição - Florianopolis - Santa Catarina - Brazil.

Would you like to participate?

The event is an unprecedented appointment in Brazil for an individual experience of self-awareness and development of self-reflective consciousness at social and individual levels, it is a unique opportunity for transformation at cellular level to each and every one.
Within these 5-days event you will look at yourself from a powerful and innovative perspective through your personal human design chart. If you do not know your personal human design and want to know please visit: http://www.jovianarchive.com/Get_Your_Chart

In this 5-day course we will look at the fundamental knowledge of Human Design:
In the first 4 days we will focus on the Nine Centers, The Four Types, The Conscious and the Unconscious, The Main Circuits: Collective, Individual and Tribal along with Circuit Groups and the Hexagram. On the last day we will address the potential of Advanced Human Design.

In developing these contents on the Event you can identifying your own mechanics and dynamics of conditioning that you live in your social context, you can follow the course with a copy of your HD chart and also with a copy of HD charts of the people you want to analyze, people of your immediate social context.

The knowledge of the Human Design is a tool for self-knowledge and self-reflective consciousness, is about the awakening of the "passenger awareness" is about enrichment for your individual and social experience. Since the discovery of Uranus in 1871, we are born with evolutionary potential for the development of emotional cognition. We have already developed mentally, as beings we have evolved from primates to human beings that articulate communication codes and highly sophisticated techniques, and wanting or not we are part of human evolution of our era. No life escapes mutation. One can live life with grace or go through it experiencing resistance.

The Human Design System is the science of the Nine Centred being, the science of this new potential for development of emotional cognition available genetically to humans since the discovery of Uranus in 1871. The Nine Centered being makes decisions in a very unique way, the Nine Centered being makes decisions from his/her Inner Authority and has a unique personal life strategy, this makes the Being a unique potential within the vast ocean of homogenization to which we are totally vulnerable. What do you want anyway? continue to live your life as a homogenized vehicle and conditioned to be what you are not? conditioned to be what you think you think you think you are? or are you ready to explore the evolutionary potential of looking at yourself through the awake consciousness and assume your unique role and express the potential that you are here to accomplish?

By understanding your Human Design you will have covered a good part of the journey, the rest is about applying your Strategy and Inner Authority when it comes to decision making, your moment of power! So, you'd like to embark on this unprecedented journey?


Méris Oliveira
Director of Human Design Brazil
posted on September 25 2012