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1 - Blooging from Thailand…….

It is my 4th Time that I am in Thailand now – always climbing, climbing, climbing, and still I deeply enjoy the place and the people – satisfying for a generator – that “proofes” that I made a correct decision. Sometimes I wonder if I am really correct – I hear my sacral, I wait out my wave, but still in doubt – that is my 63rd gate always doubting if I am around with other people and of course it is the mind that is always arguing, but I watch it and do not pay more attention than finding it interesting what is going on there.

The Mind as interesting as it is sometimes – sometimes it is annoying – and for me the best way to keep it really engaged is climbing – it really suits me – it is risky (28.3 in my personality earth) and occupies me fully in the now and uses my 57th gate well to stay healthy. And it is occupying my generator energy so that I am exhausted and really satisfyingly tiered every evening.

posted on December 15 2010

Time for Holidays......

..... as always in Thailand, which is a X-Mas present from my dear Husband.
That also helps to save money - cheap accomodation, food, not expenes for Heating .......(That is what a third Line is all about Money and the Material.....)

AND it is fun and I can do the things that I love....Climbing

I would like to give you some insights about my Holidays and would like to ponder on some of my experiences living my design in a very different Country.........

Write to you soon .....
posted on December 7 2010

Welcome ...

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posted on November 22 2010