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Foundations that Keep on Giving

It has been over four years since I shared an article in Jovian's newsletter. Hard for me to believe but it is true. If you compare what I was doing in the fall of 2010 to what I am doing today, it may appear to some not much in my life has changed. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes on the surface I am still deeply absorbed with Human Design Foundation classes and a variety of chart readings, and that has been my daily routine for over ten years now. But WOW the changes I’ve experienced these past four years were intense and required all my focus. I’ve seen dramatic changes in my life; family; HD experience level and skills; but mostly my view of life and what satisfies me. My life has become more complex in some ways while tremendously simple in others. And over the past four years I’ve focused more on intimate sharing and had less energy for general sharing. How about you?

One of the things that never changed was my ability to see the subtle brilliance behind how Ra envisioned and crafted the educational architecture for Foundation Classes back in 2004. That was the year I decided to learn more about the Human Design system. Back then I didn’t have the benefit of watching more than a thousand students go through Foundation classes. I hadn’t yet witnessed the amazing results students would achieve as they took those seeds planted early in their class experiences and continued to harvest their knowledge and experience even after they completed those classes.

I am grateful for the continued efforts by Jovian and the IHDS to allow our community to be diverse while still offering a place where we can gather and share our voices no matter how many years go by! I wouldn’t have the benefit I’ve had in my own experiment without watching the progress I’ve seen as my students blossomed through the years. It is what inspires me to share my voice once again today.

Foundation classes are such a creative environment. Meeting each student, and group of students, is a new experience and breath of fresh air each day. Teaching a system as logically accurate as Human Design has freed me up these past few years to: more artistically guide others towards living a unique life within the Living Your Design Workshop; inspire Rave ABC students to play with the building blocks of the Human Design System mechanics and not just accept its many formulas; and to support Rave Cartography students to finally SEE the mechanical map this system offers them so they start to use their own foundation to advance their skills and awareness about living life as a 9 centered being. And a human that can correctly interact within a world ultimately built on change.

Thanks to all of you who have completed certified HD Foundation classes! I’d like to encourage you to reflect on that experience today. Did you notice subtle internal processes at work or were your primarily focus on the intellectual? I continually hear past students share ongoing value and insights from Foundation class recordings they re-listen to. Is it time to listen to yours?

And for those of you who may wonder what you might gain from a Foundation classes beyond the concepts available in a book, would you like to find out? Is this the time for you to find out?
posted on January 28 2015