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Rave ABCs with Carol Zimmerman

Once the Living Your Design course is complete, many students find they are interested in learning even more about the Human Design System. Whether a student wants to become an analyst or simply become more informed, this course is the next step.

Rave ABC’s is the first level of the IHDS professional and general educational tracks. It is designed to satisfy a student’s curiosity about the basics revealed in a body graph while laying a solid educational foundation for the development of skilled analysts and/or informed general students.

Covering the origins of Human Design and introducing the basic components that make up the synthesis known as the Human Design System, this course is designed to show how all these pieces fit together to form the bodygraph.
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posted by Lynette Hagins 29 minutes ago

Living Your Design with Carol Zimmerman

The Living Your Design Workshop is a transformational journey that can change your life. Open to anyone who has had a Human Design Reading, this workshop teaches the most important foundational and transformational aspects of Human Design.

The Human Design System empowers us to live according to our own true nature, and to know what is correct or not for us. We can use this information to keep ourselves on our path in life by specifically understanding what takes us off track.

The information in the Living Your Design Course leads you down an incredible path of self-discovery and knowledge. Once you have had a reading it can be of tremendous benefit to deepen your understanding of your own specific Strategy and Authority and the conditioning you have experienced. It can assist you with your own personal experimentation as well as clarify what it means for you to Live Your Design.

Two additional Follow-up meetings will be scheduled with the students once the 7 Lessons are complete.
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posted by Lynette Hagins on February 12

Rave Cosmology in Russian - The Six Mystical Ways

For the first 18 years after the birth of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu focused on what was logical and empirical about Human Design. He often said: “Don’t believe me and do not trust me. Try it for yourself; test it for yourself. This is mechanical knowledge that can be tested by each and everyone of us”.

Once Human Design was established as a practical yet transformational tool, Ra Uru Hu felt a responsibility to bring forward the mystical side of Human Design by sharing his experience directly with us. He empowered us to carry this information forward to share it with the rest of the world generation by generation. Teaching the Rave Cosmology of Human Design is the opportunity to bringbalance to this knowledge and to show how vast and profound the sourceof this knowledge really is. As Ra said, “It is time to give the Voice its due and allow this mechanical, simpleview of the cosmology to be accessible and to be available.”
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posted by Lynette Hagins on February 4

Professional Training Level IV - Preparation and Final Test

PTL-IV is the final level of the professional training to become a certified Human Design Analyst. The goal of PTL-IV is to guide and mentor you as you prepare for submitting your final reading to the testing Board for certification. During the course of the semester, we will work together on honing your reading skills. We will look at the structure and organization of your individual client readings.

Each Analyst is unique and has their own style for interacting with clients. However, there is basic material that must be covered in every reading with a new client. We will discover your preference and dynamics for delivering that information in a reading.

A reading is a synthesis of your years of training in the knowledge of Design and the art of delivering that knowledge. We will explore through examples and practice readings each week all the key elements necessary to introduce a client to their Human Design. This class is a workshop style class. It will be very interactive with each participant. You will have many chances to practice your reading skills. Each student will add to the richness of the class. Not only will you get to practice your style, but you'll get to see and benefit from the other class participants styles.

This class is for those people who want to practice, play and perfect their reading skills as they move towards tFFhe final phase of their certification process to become a Human Design Analyst. I look forward to the privilege of mentoring you in this final phase of your journey.
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posted by Lynette Hagins on January 29

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