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Not Here To Work ~ The Ins & Outs Of Projector Success

This three-semester course is an illuminating exploration into the projector's material path covering Relationships, Money and Purpose.

‘Not here to work’ is part and parcel of the life-style strategy that projectors receive when entering into human design. Although the words tend to resonate deeply, their meaning and mechanics in daily life remain a puzzle, if not a worry.

Many projectors ask the question: if we are not here to work - nor to initiate social interactions - how can we possibly survive and fulfill ourselves successfully, just by waiting for the invitation?

And yet this very strategy is the key to our power, success - and awakening.

If you are a projector with passion for the continuing discovery of your path and are a living example of the above inquiry, this course is for you. You are warmly invited to step in and share your unique experience in a learning environment where you can experiment boldly with the support of a group.
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posted by Office IHDS on April 23

Empowering Your Inner Shaman with Becky Markely

This course is designed for people who have been experimenting with their PHS dietary regimen for at least
a year and are ready to go deeper into their own personal experience at a more holistic level. Information and resources will be provided as you move through your expanding process. And, you will be guided in this journey, in a sharing environment, where we can learn from each other as unique experts on our own selves.

What this course is NOT:
• It is not for lookie-loos or passive observers.
• This is NOT a reading and it is NOT support for people who are having difficulties following their PHS.
If you would like support for your PHS process, please email me and we can arrange a private consultation.

This is about steps beyond...
• You get out of the class what you put into it.

• Let go of expectations. Let of of what you expect it should be or what you should be.
• Let it be what you notice it becomes.

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posted by Lynette Hagins on April 15

Professional Training Level III: Incarnation Crosses

This course covers Incarnation Cross Analysis in the context of the Quarter. You will learn how to do Incarnation Cross Readings with a focus on understanding and learning the formula for Keynoting the Incarnation Crosses. This is an interactive course where you will practice Incarnation Cross Readings.

Our purpose is expressed through our Incarnation Cross – but this can only be achieved after we have entered into the experiment of Strategy and Authority, and de-conditioning. Your gifts are expressed through your Incarnation Cross once you are operating correctly in the world. As an IC Analyst you will be certified to perform these readings on completion of all Professional Training Levels.

For more information and to Register please click here.
posted by Office IHDS on April 9

Professional Training Level IV - Preparation and Final Test

TL-IV is the final level of the professional training to become a certified Human Design Analyst. The goal of PTL-IV is to guide and mentor you as you prepare for submitting your final reading to the testing Board for certification. During the course of the semester, we will work together on honing your reading skills. We will look at the structure and organization of your individual client readings.

Each Analyst is unique and has their own style for interacting with clients. However, there is basic material that must be covered in every reading with a new client. We will discover your preference and dynamics for delivering that information in a reading.  For more information and to register please click here.
posted by Lynette Hagins on April 2

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