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Not Here to Work - The Ins and Outs of Projector Success

This three-semester course is an illuminating exploration into the projector's material path covering Relationships, Money and Purpose.

‘Not here to work’ is part and parcel of the life-style strategy that projectors receive when entering into human design. Although the words tend to resonate deeply, their meaning and mechanics in daily life remain a puzzle, if not a worry.

Many projectors ask the question: if we are not here to work - nor to initiate social interactions - how can we possibly survive and fulfill ourselves successfully, just by waiting for the invitation?

And yet this very strategy is the key to our power, success - and awakening.

If you are a projector with passion for the continuing discovery of your path and are a living example of the above inquiry, this course is for you. You are warmly invited to step in and share your unique experience in a learning environment where you can experiment boldly with the support of a group.
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posted by Office IHDS on September 18

Living Your Design

The Living Your Design Workshop is a transformational journey that can change your life. Open to anyone who has had a Human Design Reading, this workshop teaches the most important foundational and transformational aspects of Human Design.

The Human Design System empowers us to live according to our own true nature, and to know what is correct or not for us. We can use this information to keep ourselves on our path in life by specifically understanding what takes us off track.

The information in the Living Your Design Course leads you down an incredible path of self-discovery and knowledge. Once you have had a reading it can be of tremendous benefit to deepen your understanding of your own specific Strategy and Authority and the conditioning you have experienced. It can assist you with your own personal experimentation as well as clarify what it means for you to Live Your Design. Click here for more information and to register.
posted by Office IHDS on September 11

Professional Training Level I - Analyst Training

PTLI is Level 1 of 4 levels of the Professional Analyst Training. Completion of all Levels is required for certification.

The goal of PTLI is to develop professional level analytical skills. In this year long course students learn the detail level of design and how to keynote and synthesize the BodyGraph. This course includes lectures, workshops, study groups and homework. Students will practice and learn to keynote, and learn the art of synthesizing a Human Design chart. Oral repetition will be stressed throughout to solidify competence, aid memorization, and develop chart-reading skills. This is a three semester program. Total study time is a minimum of 200 hours over the 3 semesters.
For more information and to register please click here.
posted by Office IHDS on September 4

A Part Seeking A Whole - Luxuriously Emotional Space for Choiceless Supporters

Do you carry the channel of community in your design?

Do you at times feel emotionally shackled to people in your life and longing to ‘free’ yourself / liberate your authority?

Do you feel the need for some aloneness space with others who can understand the paradox of lonely denial?

You are welcome to join in and ‘stick’ together in the best tribal way for six intimate weeks of airing, sharing and exploring the mechanical paradoxes, the pleasures as well as the challenges that come with the 37/40 package deal.

The Channel of Community is a feast with a touch of drama: gate 37, the gate of the family and friendship taps into a deeply affectionate and nourishing frequency that knows how to feed the hungry spirit of the tribe. It also brings nervousness about tradition and the burdens of emotional needs. Gate 40, the gate of deliverance and the love of work for the tribe is also the path of denial and the pain of being alone.

Mystically the channel of community is the channel of tribal spirituality - bridging the glorious and the profane, the emotions and willpower. Sexually the theme of the channel is The Marriage Contract, which reflects the bargain that lies at the core of this life-force frequency, sealed by touch and kinship.
For more information and to register please click here.
posted by Office IHDS on August 28

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