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Professional Training Level II: Cycles

PTLII is Level II of the Professional Analyst Training. Completion of all 4 Levels is required for certification.

PTLII is a two semester program and is an interactive workshop that delivers extensive new content and approach.

In the first semester you will learn to give Connection (relationship) readings and learn the basic keys in relationship analysis. Students will be required to submit an analysis to demonstrate their grasp of the material. Total study time over 2 semesters is 48 hours.
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posted by Office IHDS on March 25

Living Your Design Guide Program

The Living Your Design Guide (LYDG) training is designed to educate, prepare, and certify Living Your Design Guides to support newcomers in the experiment of living their design.

The Living Your Design Guide Training is designed to effectively teach many of the basics of Human Design as it relates to type, strategy, authority and conditioning. This course offers 3 distinct components which provides students/Guides in training with the information and techniques necessary to assist newcomers in starting their 7-year deconditioning process. In this course Guides will learn how to assist others in understanding their own personal conditioning by using examples, experiential techniques, discussions and personal experiences. Certified LYD Guides also qualify for Professional listings on the International Human Design School and Jovian Archive websites, and where appropriate, on the Human Design National Organization website of the country where they reside.
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posted by Office IHDS on March 18

Differentiation Degree Program

Two Years / Six Semesters / 120 Hours of Classes

The DD Program combines the knowledge of the Structures underneath the Lines of the Design and Personality - PHS (Primary Health System – the enhancement of the Form) and Rave Psychology (the enrichment of the Mind). It will be taught in one Program to get an insight of the holistic perspective of the fine-tuned differentiation of each individual.

It is a 2 year Program that includes 6 Semesters and 120 hours of teaching. The Certification Process includes one written and one oral exam and a Diploma Thesis.

The DD Practitioner enables and guides the Client in a Process Work through the deconditioning of the mental body of the Not Self and the 4 Steps of transformation: PHS Internal/External (dietary regimen & environment) RP External/Internal (perspective & awareness) to aim the highest goal to be a true awakened consciousness in Form, the true Passenger with its unique outer authority.
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posted by Office IHDS on March 12

Rave Cosmology - Final Course Cosmology Certification

For the first 18 years after the birth of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu focused on what was logical and empirical about Human Design. He often said: “Don’t believe me and do not trust me. Try it for yourself; test it for yourself. This is mechanical knowledge that can be tested by each and everyone of us”.

Once Human Design was established as a practical yet transformational tool, Ra Uru Hu felt a responsibility to bring forward the mystical side of Human Design by sharing his experience directly with us. He empowered us to carry this information forward to share it with the rest of the world generation by generation. Teaching the Rave Cosmology of Human Design is the opportunity to bringbalance to this knowledge and to show how vast and profound the sourceof this knowledge really is. As Ra said, “It is time to give the Voice its due and allow this mechanical, simpl eview of the cosmology to be accessible and to be available.”
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posted by Office IHDS on March 5

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