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A Part Seeking A Whole - Emotional Space for Choiceless Supporters

An in-depth exploration of the emotional themes & dilemmas brought by the channel of community 37/40, with focus on delivering support with authority.

The channel of community is a feast with a touch of drama. The nourishing and friendly nature that delivers support to the tribe with emotional sensitivity can also turn into denial that bars access to others when the bargain is ‘off’ - or when there is a need to retreat from the relationship demands.

Carriers of the channel of community often experience conflicting emotions about people in their lives especially during times of charged nervousness. Although they are naturally supportive and loyal to their family & friends, they can also feel emotionally shackled to those very people - especially without understanding the mechanics and frequency of this life force.

In this course we will explore the gifts and the challenges of the emotional process that’s directly linked to will power and learn how to create space for the emotional authority while finding balance within the heart - at the point of transition between struggle and liberation.
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posted by Office IHDS on January 22

Rave Cosmology - Profile, Purpose and Function

For the first 18 years after the birth of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu focused on what was logical and empirical about Human Design. He often said: “Don’t believe me and do not trust me. Try it for yourself; test it for yourself. This is mechanical knowledge that can be tested by each and everyone of us”.

Once Human Design was established as a practical yet transformational tool, Ra Uru Hu felt a responsibility to bring forward the mystical side of Human Design by sharing his experience directly with us. He empowered us to carry this information forward to share it with the rest of the world generation by generation. Teaching the Rave Cosmology of Human Design is the opportunity to bringbalance to this knowledge and to show how vast and profound the sourceof this knowledge really is. As Ra said, “It is time to give the Voice its due and allow this mechanical, simpleview of the cosmology to be accessible and to be available.”
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posted by Office IHDS on January 15

Professional Training Level I - Analyst Program

PTLI is Level 1 of 4 levels of the Professional Analyst Training. Completion of all Levels is required for certification.

The goal of PTLI is to develop professional level analytical skills. In this year long course students learn the detail level of design and how to keynote and synthesize the BodyGraph. This course includes lectures, workshops, study groups and homework. Students will practice and learn to keynote, and learn the art of synthesizing a Human Design chart. Oral repetition will be stressed throughout to solidify competence, aid memorization, and develop chart-reading skills. This is a three semester program. Total study time is a minimum of 200 hours over the 3 semesters.
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posted by Office IHDS on December 17 2017

Empowering Your Inner Shaman

This course is designed for people who have been experimenting with their PHS dietary regimen for at least
a year and are ready to go deeper into their own personal experience at a more holistic level. Information and resources will be provided as you move through your expanding process. And, you will be guided in this journey, in a sharing environment, where we can learn from each other as unique experts on our own selves.

What this course is NOT:
• It is not for lookie-loos or passive observers.
• This is NOT a reading and it is NOT support for people who are having difficulties following their PHS.
If you would like support for your PHS process, please email me and we can arrange a private consultation.
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posted by Office IHDS on December 11 2017

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