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Personal Human Design Stories

My Human Design journey began in about 2001 in Mt. Shasta where I was living at the time.  My friend, Beth Black, shared the preliminary information with me as she was starting her experiment with the system.  Because I have always been interested in personal growth and self-discovery, I played with my strategy and authority. (I am a Splenic Projector….'trust my intuition to invitations in life.')

My professional background was as a teacher in accelerated and whole brain learning skills at the high school level; then later teaching college survival skills. I facilitated both college workshops as well as co-facilitated profoundly healing personal growth workshops with a professional organization.

I am also an astrologer.  I have studied many systems….ironically discovering in Human Design that that is the 'perfect' thing, the encouraged path, for Proj

Bonnie Eddy

I’ve never felt drawn to quick fixes – whether promised by New Age gurus, skillful therapists or eager dietitians. Our human lives are far too complex for one-size-fits-all approaches to personal or spiritual growth. And no matter how impressive a system is, if it is held with rigidity and applied to all people in all situations, it often falls short of its true potential. Human Design, when held artfully and heart-fully, has tremendous potential to meet the diverse needs of people who long to trust, honor and become themselves.

Rosy Aronson, Ph.D.

When I share Human Design, invariably people experience a profound sense of validation of their deepest self knowledge, sometimes for the first time in a conscious way. Just knowing their type, strategy and inner authority often creates immediate shifts in how they begin to make decisions and experience the world around themselves. In addition, the Design chart specifically delineates likely self-limiting habits, patterns of internal pressure and deep seated fears. Human Design is multi-layered, each layer more fascinating and providing further insight into ourselves, quickly and accurately.

C.H., Texas

I have enjoyed learning more about Human Design, it has helped me become more aware of my personal make up and understand more about the way I have been conditioned verses the way I really am.
The awareness alone has helped me in understanding when I am experiencing different situations in my life, and how I can approach day to day experiences from my internal authentic self verses from my head.

K.Kinley, California

Attending Human Design workshops has been a liberating experience. It's like having a road map for my path in life while learning and sharing insights with others in a safe, comfortable environment. Nothing I've ever done before has had this kind of impact on my life.

Mary G., California

I have been a student of systems and evolution all of my life. Until I met Human Design in 2001, I still had not found a system that could support every other system, that was the toolbelt for all of the other tools I had gathered. Human Design is without question that system for me. It is a Manual for life that has provided me with the validation that everything that I knew about myself,  even if it felt like it was in direct contrast to the collective around me, was still TRUE! And most importantly it has provided me with something I can trust in this crazy world, namely my own Design. I have a strategy that works - that bypasses my mind - and gives me direct access to my own authority. I can make decisions now as myself and trust them. I will be studying and sharing and teaching this profound knowledge for the rest of my life. It is quite simply the most practical and useful tool I could put into anyone's hands. And the most amazing experiment into self discovery that you could

B.B., California

Human Design is empowering because following a simple strategy and authority allows my individual human nature to unfold. I have begun the journey to live as myself, becoming deeply comfortable in my own body. I believe that human life does not come as a default, that at some stage one finds the mechanism for one’s optimum functioning. In HD I have found this. The map, the strategy,
the authority are bringing me to a profound relationship to life. The stars and the sun and the moon and the planets all have an intrinsic intelligence from nature that keep them on their courses, in perfect divinity if you like. In HD we have that potential interaction with all there is. A struggle free life of synchronicity.


I was introduced to Human Design and had my professional Rave Chart reading about 18 months ago. The information has traveled from 'Hmmm, interesting' to 'Oh my! That is extremely accurate' to a sort of stunned amazement at not only the accuracy but the value it brings to my every day living. I have been actively engaged in the experiment of Human Deisng (living my Type, Strategy, and Authority) for the majority of the past 18 months and it is almost overwhelming what keeps popping up for me to look at; either from a perspective of who I truly am or from the perspective of who I have always thought I was but now realize I am not. The depth, professionalism, and expertise with which this information is given, whether in the form of a book, cd, or person to person dialogue, is world class; second to none. I look forward to what the remaining 5 1/2 years of deconditioning will bring to my awareness, experience, and expression.

Brian Stout, Denver, CO

I want to thank you for going over Roger's and my connection chart today. It is so interesting to see the mechanics and how they play out. One of the biggest eye-openers in our marriage has been through the use of Human Design. It makes all of the "stuff" not personal giving us the chance to work with it from a different vantage point. It seems so easy, really.

Up until HD, we managed to manage the differences in ourselves rather blindly. We have always deeply loved, enjoyed and respected one another very much. That was to our advantage and worked rather well, actually. But it was the "mystery" within us that was confusing: emotions, energies or lack thereof, decisions, and so on. They were hard to track and find consistencies that made sense.

Human Design has allowed us to see - really see - each other clearly for what we are. It was such a gift and we put it to work immediately. Since it is all mechanics, there is no blame or trying to get each other to cha

Erica Teel

"Thank you for all your hard work and the foundation you have paved for Human Design. It is all worthwhile.  The seeds are sprouting in every corner of the world.  I have just conducted a workshop in Hong Kong, China. People are very excited about the knowledge here, and have shown tremendous enthusiasm in engaging in the experiment.”

Violet Lee