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The Human Design System Rave I’Ching Card Deck

In 1987, an operators manual for the 'New Human' arrived on the planet and it is called The Human Design System. For the first time in this phase of our evolution, we have an opportunity to understand the mechanics of how life really works in these physical forms we inhabit. Human Design shows us precisely how to live as our unique authentic selves, illuminating how we can tap into our personal genetically wired authority as a guiding light for our everyday lives. And, how we can allow our personal authority to take us perfectly into our individual life purpose.

A principal component of the system are the 64 Hexagrams of the I’Ching - which correspond to the 64 codons of our DNA - our genetic map to who we are, and how we flow with life and interact with others. As part of this new system, Ra Uru Hu, its founder, also designed a Human Design Rave I’Ching, giving us profound detail about every aspect of what it means to be human beings.

Lynda Bunnell, Director of the International Human Design School, has created the first Rave I’Ching Card Deck, and it is a wonderful addition to the growing library of Human Design materials. Filled with the beautiful images of artist Kate McCavitt, there are many different ways these cards can be used to illuminate our everyday lives as we journey through this experiment to learn who we truly are.

The Card Deck is available for purchase for $19.99 from Amazon. Shipping begins August 5th 2014.

What people are saying:

The artwork is gorgeous and they are just so beautifully done!

Posted by Beth Wolford September 25, 2014

Just wanted to send you a quick note regarding this wonderful deck of Rave I'Ching Cards. I bought this deck as Birthday present for myself. I shuffled the deck as I always do with Tarot Cards and just see which card would pop out for me. I went through maybe 3 or 4 cards, taking note on how they applied to my chart, then I noticed that the same card kept ending up on the bottom of the deck. It was Gate 25, Innocence, which is part of my Incarnation Cross Right Angle Cross Vessel of Love. The connection was so deeply moving to me,for some reason, tears just started forming. I just felt so much love from that card surfacing out of 64 cards, that one called to me to notice. I bought the cards mainly as a tool to help me understand the gates and keynoting, not realizing what a true impact they were going to have! I had no idea they were multi-purpose and could be so personal! The artwork is gorgeous and they are just so beautifully done!