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Semester 1 – Comparative 1 – Fundamentals and Career Overview

During Semester 1 we’ll explore the fundamentals of how to deliver a Comparative Analysis to your client. We begin with the Career Overview, a high-level overview session to identify the work environment that your client is best suited for, how to present him or herself, and interact, in a business setting.

The skills and tools we’ll develop in Semester 1 are:

Foundations Review (The Keynotes of the BG5™ Success Code)
Fundamentals of Comparative Analysis (A review of the different types of analysis/coaching/consulting you can offer to your clients)
Keynotes: Career Type, Personal Interaction, Decision Making Strategy (the how)
Keynotes: Environments (the where)
Small Business and Group Intro
Large Business and Group Intro
Career Overview (how we present a synthesized Success Code overview

Semester 2 – Comparative 2 – Advanced Analysis

During Semester 2 we’ll explore and synthesize more detailed aspects of the Success Code as we learn to provide a full Career Analysis session. In addition, we’ll learn the methodology of Alpha One Analysis for those clients that are managing groups, and running businesses. And we’ll learn the dynamics of Partnership Analysis.

Advanced skills that will be developed in Semester 2 are:

Comparative Analysis Methods (advanced Success Code Keynotes and methods of presentation)
Keynotes: Profile and Lifework (the specifics of our unique talents and gifts)
Keynotes: Shadows and Distractions (incorporating our Shadow into our work)
Alpha One Analysis (components, methodology and presentation)
Partnership Analysis (components, methodology and presentation)

Semester 3 – Unified Group Analysis

During Semester 3 we’ll delve into the detail of Unified Group Analysis, learning the fundamentals of how and why businesses succeed or fail, and what we can do to save them. You’ll learn how to identify the problems, and how to consult with your client to help them achieve their goals of a functioning and successful business.

Fundamentals of Unified Groups (group dynamics)
Unified Group Analysis Intro (methodologies)
Gap Analysis (uncovering the dysfunction)
Attributes (specific talents in the group)
Group Engineering (organizing the group for success)
Triggering (potential problems areas)
Unified Group Analysis (synthesis and presentation)
Large Business Engineering Introduction

Recordings of Ra teaching this program are available for $330.00 per semester, or $750.00 for all 3 semesters, when purchased at one time. Send an email to office@ihdschool.com to inquire.

Regular Price: Per Semester: $1,400.00; Early Registration Price: $1,200.00

A one-time BG5 Career and Business Software and License fee of $1500.00 is due by the end of the second semester.

Payment Plans are available. Please inquire.

Translation Options: Please inquire by sending an email to office@ihdschool.com

Auditing Option: This class is available to audit for $420.00


Pre-Requisites: Rave ABC and Cartography. Recommended: PTLII

Required Materials: BG5 Small Business Analysis Software and License and BG5 Digital Books.

There are currently no available subscriptions openings for this Course.