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Child Development Analyst Certification

Course description:

Human Design first and foremost is for children, and it is through coaching the parent that it can be transmitted most effectively to the child. It is essential for parents to have a strong foundation in their own experiment as well as have some essential tools in order to guide their children to live out their own uniqueness. The role of the Child Development Analyst is to educate the parent so that they can provide guidance for their child.

Children’s experience of the benefits of Human Design can be immediate as well as long reaching in the realization of their potential as 9-Centered humans; and all of this depends upon the development and ability of their parents to provide them with the necessary foundation for living out their uniqueness.

In this training program we will provide the essential aspects of working with parents and children: understanding the 9-Centered childhood development and the role of parents, the importance of diet and sleep, Type, signature and aura in children and supporting the emergence of strategy and authority, openness and aura interaction, and parent-child dynamics through HD mechanics.

Class 1: Parenting From a New Paradigm and the role of the Child Development Analyst
Class 2: The Mothers Role – Conditioning Children to their Unique Self
Class 3: Food, the Foundation of Conditioning and the basis of R & L intelligence
Class 4: Sleep, Children and the Myth of the Family Bed
Class 5: Parents and the Energy Child – Manifestors and Generators
Class 6: Parents and the Non-Energy Child – Projectors and Reflectors
Class 7: Open Center Conditioning between Parent and Child
Class 8: Teaching Authority in Children
Class 9: Profile and the Emergence of Role in Children RA
Class 10: Profile and the Emergence of the Role in Children – Juxtaposition and LA
Class 11: Sample Analysis and Testing Preparation

Regular Price: $750.00, eb $700.00


Pre-Requisites: IHDS Certified Analyst or Student Analyst enrolled in the PTL program. The certification will not be provided until after the student completes the Analyst Certification.