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Professional Education » Family Practice Analyst

Description: As a certified professional analyst, you will also become certified as a Family Practice Analyst. You will be licensed to perform the service of reading charts for family groups and assist the family unit into a new way of seeing themselves within the dynamic of the Penta. 

This work is very beneficial to all members of a family unit, particularly children. When a family understands the mechanics they can then understand how the mechanics play out in the dynamic of their family relationship. And from this understanding we have the opportunity to create an environment of acceptance for the uniqueness of each member of the family.

Family Analysis is one of the most challenging tasks an analyst can meet. It brings the possibility to grasp the family as a unique being, created by but separate, from its members. Furthermore, within the context of the family several gates change their meaning, profiles get an additional dimension and each possible family combination (one child, two children, three children and so on) holds it special fundamental issue.

In this semester we will see how to build our understanding of a family by watching the development of the system: starting with the composite of the parents we will observe all changes occurring in their chronological order and see the according development. On each new stage we will be able to realize a new subject, a new challenge and a new possibility.

The aim of this semester is to have a hands with the technology for an interactive experience, working with family analysis and to create a very special opportunity for your work and for your income alike.

Regular Price: $850.00
Early Bird Price: $800.00
Pre-Requisites: Certified Analyst
Required Materials: MMI Professional Penta Edition