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Professional Education » Rave Sociology

The Rave Sociology is the broadest of all Fields in the Human Design System. Its main topic is Group Dynamics and the resulting sociological Themes and Movements in Humanity. In the Human Design System there is a distinct difference between small and large Group Dynamics. The underlying trans-auric Form Mechanic has a special impact in each Individual, dependent on the unique genetic makeup.

In this Certification Program teaches a deep insight in the trans-auric Dynamics that impacts Society and the individual in a Group Setting that results in the social Environment that we live in today. This enables a detailed understanding of the conditioning of an individual as well as the Role of the individual within a group that results in a specific Behavior in a social Setting. Furthermore this program allows not only a thorough analysis of small and large Group Dynamic manners but also can give advice to improve Group Behavior in order to be permit a successful interaction between group members.

In Addition a various Topics of the many varieties of themes in the Human Design System (Rave History, Rave Cosmology, Dream Rave, Rave Psychology & PHS) will be touched on to get a complete insight in the concurrent courses that have lead to the Social Structures and social Dynamics that we live in today.

This Certification Program takes 5 Semesters closes with writing a topic specific article and an oral exam. Certified Candidates enables to analyze social (Penta & Wa) Profile for individuals and groups and to give introductory lectures and workshops on that topic.

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Audit will be 30% for Students of the Rave Sociology Pilot Program and Students that have completed the OC16 Program with Ra Uru Hu.

Semester 1

Introduction and Foundation

This semester sets the foundation of the Rave Sociology Program. It gives an understanding how individuals creates social structures based on the mechanics of an individual chart that form trans-auric forms when come together as a group. It shows the genetic mechanisms that create the area of tension for every human being – the human being with its unique needs for an authentic life and it’s in breed mechanism to be social and live in groups. This tension of tension of conditioning and true self.
• The Sociology in the perspective of Human System
• The human being as social creature – the balancing act of the individual and his true self and the need to be part of a group to enable personal survival as a genetic mechanism that leads to conditioning and not self living.
• The human being and its genetic psychological mechanisms: Sexuality & Spirituality
• The conditioning mechanisms: bio-conditioning & physical environment
• The conditioning mechanisms: openness and fear
• The conditioning mechanisms: the 16 Godheads
• The conditioning mechanisms: Dream Rave
• The conditioning mechanisms: Dream trans-auric Forms and Group dynamics.
• Group dynamics and Sociology in the perspective of traditional Science fields

Semester 2

Rave History and Rave Future and the coming Mutation

This semester gives a deep insight of the evolution of humanity that lays the foundation of the conditioning mechanism that is present today in the individual life and social environments. It also shows the future of humanity and the arising of a new specie that also explains why the 9 centered human is a necessary transitory state today.
• The Evolution of Humanity: 5, 7 and 9 Centered Human Being
• The Evolution of the 4 Types
• The cognitive Potential - left -and rightness and the evolutionary Process
• Then Global Cycles and the sociological Evolution
• The precursors of the coming mutation and the impact on today’s Social Structures
• The Solar plexus Mutation and 2027
• The Rave Circuitry
• The Rave and the conscious Penta

Semester 3
The Penta (family and business) and the global social Impact

This semester has its focus on the trans-auric Form and is mechanic of small Groups. The Penta will be described in different perspectives – the social, the private and the business. The penta will be deconstructed in its elements and the functionality will be shown in detail.
• Penta Dynamics and Mechanics: The unidirectional Form, the Number Dynamic and Functionality
• The Family Penta – the small reproductive Cell
• The Business Penta – the small Business Environment
• The Social Penta – the global Social Dynamics and the their themes as a Result oft he Penta Mechanics
• Penta Examples

Semester 4
The Wa and the Genepool

This semester has its focus on the trans-auric Form and is mechanic of large Groups. The Wa will be described in different perspectives – the clan-family, the business and the large social environment of the Genepool. The Wa Mechanisms will be deconstructed in its elements and the functionality will be shown in detail to understand the larger Social Dynamics and the Roles of the Authorities in Society that influence and condition the individuals to certain group behaviors due to the lines of communication that will not be experienced in an secluded Environment.
• Wa Dynamics and Mechanics: The unidirectional Form, the Number Dynamic and Functionality
• Wa and the Clan – Family Hierarchy
• Wa and Business – the Business Hierarchy
• Wa and Society – the Civilization
• The OC Channels and the Power Base
• The Lines of Communication and its dynamics in Society
• The Roles of Leadership and Influence
• Wa & Genepool: the global social Dynamics and social Conditioning
• The Genepool and its structural lines.
• Wa Examples

Semester 5

Implementation, Analysis and Certification

This closing semester has its focus on the application of the Knowledge: Analysis and Group Work. It includes the oral Exam and the supervision of the topic specific Article.

• The individual Chart Analysis: Penta & Wa Conditioning and Impact
• Penta Analysis
• Wa Analysis
• Genepool Analysis
• The Work as a Rave Sociologist
• Exam and Article