International Human Design School

Are you Living Your Profile? The Profiles’ Series

Live Online Course

May 17, 2019 - June 14, 2019

Friday(s) at 16:00 GMT (1 hour)

Carol Freedman


If you haven’t been paying attention to your HD Profile yet, you might want to start now.  Very little tells you as much about what comes your way and how you’re likely to interact with it, correctly.  Sure, sure, I know that your nodes tell you the ‘neighborhood’ you’re operating in, but your Profile tells you how you’ll behave there.  It tells you what you’ll be attracted to, what you’ll notice, how you’re meant to encounter your opportunities and so much more.  If you’re living according to your Profile, you’ll be in the best position to then use your Strategy and Authority to make your decisions about what you encounter.  Sound intriguing?  Hopefully so.

The Invitation:

Come learn about yourself…and about the important people in your life.

Start with the first class and then join me for as much of the series as you like.

(see the full series description below)

Each Profile looks and behaves so very differently.  We know the 5th line Profile is designed to show how that Profile looks in public (vs the 2nd line that shows how that Profile behaves in private when left alone).   It’s the Profile that brings a message or a solution, as a Heretic.  God bless those 5th lines, since they can bring those perfect solutions to the masses and to the lucky strangers that encounter them in times of need.  Woe to them, however, if they misjudge the need or timing (or if the ‘fix’ doesn’t work), since the risk to their reputation can be deadly.

If you have a 5th line in your profile (2/5, 3/5, 5/1, 5/2), join us as we explore some really crucial things for you. You're also welcome to join us if you have 5th line people you care about, or if you're just curious about this profile.

 - Your areas of expertise, the solutions you might bring, your version of heresy
 - Projection, others’ expectations of you, disappointment and paranoia, challenging and seduction
 - When to (and not to) take action and when, how to stop
 - The consequence of taking action when you can’t bring a valued solution
 - How you're likely to look and act, day to day (based on the 5th line in the major role gates and many of the other key gates in the wheel)
 - How the 5th line affects your work, your food, your friends, activities and on and on

(HINT: because of harmonic resonance, you often experience the 5th line qualities of each gate in your chart, whether you have a 5th line there or not).

The difference that the 1rst, 2nd or 3rd line makes for you (They tell you a LOT!)

 - The difference that having a 5th line body makes
- What's likely to influence you--those centers, gates, and circuits in your design that seem to 'compel' you to action... resulting in bad choices and ugly consequences
 - The difference that being a generator, projector or manifestor makes

If you look at each gate (hexagram), you’ll see all the various ways this can play out.

These sessions will provide a mixture of presentation, participants’ chart examination and active discussion.  All you need to bring is your awareness and willingness to explore.  This is an opportunity for candid discussion and deep exploration. Sharing is optional, but strongly encouraged.

About the instructor:

Carol Freedman is a 2/5 Splenic Manifesting Generator and Sleeping Phoenix with an Undefined Solar Plexus.  She has been a popular teacher in the IHDS where she trains Guides to share Human Design through their Living Your Design courses.  Her classes are known for the depth, practicality and open discussion she encourages.  She is also an Analyst and specializes in coaching and providing long term support for clients interested in fully living their designs

The Profile Series:

Here’s the full series, just to whet your appetite. Stay tuned for more details and further series’ registrations to come.

1st Line--exploring for a sound foundation while living with the fearfulness; the personal path to competence and confidence

2nd Line Profiles--The Huge Importance of Being Called, Saying No and So Much More

3rd Line Profiles—So much more than trial and error or bumps and bruises; the building of wealth and success

4th Line Profiles—The difference ‘your people’ make; capitalizing on opportunities and avoiding fatigue

5th Line—The path of becoming the expert while protecting your reputation, life when no one needs you

6th Line—Making sense of your 3 part life, regardless of which stage you’re in; growing into your sageness

A Human Design reading and some basic understanding of your Profile.  This class is open to everyone, whether they have a 5th line profile or are simply curious about them for the people in their lives.