International Human Design School

Enhancing your Bodies Potential: Workshop and Process Work

Live Online Course

September 19, 2019 - October 24, 2019

Thursday(s) at 19:00 GMT (2 hours)

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$400.00 $500.00

If you have been Living Your Design and experimented how to make correct Decisions based on S & A, this is the next Journey in your personal developmental Process.

This is the first Step into the Radical Transformation in your Life. The application of the PHS dietary regimen is the first step in the transformation of the body and is deeply transformative to those who make the radical commitment to following the path of their own unique nourishment. It brings one of the most extraordinary opportunities in Human Design for enhancing our well-being and making discoveries that we could never have imagined. It enables us to digest nutrients in our own unique way so that there is reliable access to the body’s own wisdom and intelligence. You will experience how your Body is using its energy correctly, what kind of Body Type you are and how your Cognitive Potential is opening up to guide you in Your Life.

This six-week program guides you in a Step by Step Process in establishing the PHS Dietary Regimen in your Life. This workshop is a where you must be prepared to leave aside conditioned habits of eating which may also affect our social interactions. The results will be experienced and evaluated within the time frame of the program. In these group sessions you will be supported to embrace the radical application of your unique dietary regimen. The workshop begins with an introduction to the dietary regimen, followed by group sessions in which the practical application according to your specific Design and uniqueness will be explored. In this process experiences will be shared which will deepen your understanding of PHS. The program ends with a discussion of your discoveries and changes.

For me personally this was 13 Years ago the deepest and most profound Transformation in my Life – are you ready for it? – do you feel invited to that that major Transformational Step??

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Early Bird Price Expires September 1st, 2019 Save $100.00

$400.00 $500.00