International Human Design School

Exploring the Undefined Centers: Life for the Emotionally Undefined

Online Course

March 19, 2021 - April 23, 2021

Friday(s) at 16:00 GMT (1 hour)


As we know, our undefined centers are our ‘pain points.’  They are where we are most likely to be conditioned, influenced, taken out of our comfort zone, and often caused to behave unpredictably. They are also our opportunity for learning, development and wisdom, if we’re aware.  This course will be the first in the exploration of open centers.  Join us for this one…or for the whole series.

Open Emotional Centers (Solar Plexus) are arguably one of our greatest sources of upset and relationship woes. Half of us don’t have Emotional Definition…and yet we are being impacted by it most of the time.  It affects us in our relationships, our families, and in our life, overall.  It may be their emotions, but we’re the ones that have to live with the waves that may suddenly come upon us.  And even without auric contact with people, many of us are frequently influenced by the transits, especially the long term ones that have been happening a lot recently.  For anyone with a 55 gate as we approach 2027, it will become more and more essential to operate correctly and effectively, despite the ongoing emotional onslaught.
Come explore your experiences of the impact of conditioned Emotional definition and learn more about yourself and others like you.  We’ll examine our Designs to look at where we are especially vulnerable to conditioning, what emotional definition we are most likely to attract and how we experience it (who feels best, what’s most likely to set us off, etc.), how childhood conditioning affects each of us personally...and how we deal with it.
We’ll look at the ways we’re most likely to experience emotions, to communicate, deal with anger, etc. In addition, we’ll discuss how definition may specifically affect us physically.  Finally, we’ll explore all of this in the context of our entire Design, looking at the effects that our other open centers, circuitry, and other factors may have on us emotionally,… as well as examining a lot of the misunderstandings about emotional definition.
Based on enthusiastic requests from prior class participants, this program has been expanded to allow even more exploration and sharing.  These sessions will provide a mixture of presentation, participants’ chart examination and active discussion.  All you need to bring is your awareness and willingness to explore.  This is an opportunity for candid discussion and deep exploration.  Sharing is optional, but strongly encouraged.
There will be no class on April 2nd.  Please refer to schedule for details.

Human Design Foundation Reading by an IHDS Certified Professional Analyst and some basic understanding of the Solar Plexus.