International Human Design School

Deep Dive on Profiles

Online Course

May 28, 2021 - June 25, 2021

Friday(s) at 16:00 GMT (1 hour)


3rd Line Profile—Where the rubber meets the road...the challenging path to finding what ultimately works

If you haven’t been paying attention to your HD Profile yet, you might want to start now.  Very little tells you as much about what comes your way and how you’re likely to interact with it, correctly.  Sure, sure, I know that your nodes tell you the ‘neighborhood’ you’re operating in, but your Profile tells you how you’ll behave there.  It tells you what you’ll be attracted to, what you’ll notice, how you’re meant to encounter your opportunities and so much more.  If you’re living according to your Profile, you’ll be in the best position to then use your Strategy and Authority to make your decisions about what you encounter.  Sound intriguing?  Hopefully so.

The Invitation:
Come learn about yourself…and about the important people in your life.  This semester we’ll focus on those fascinating 3rd lines (1/ 3, 3/5, 3/6, 6/3).

So far in this series we’ve looked at how the Profile learns how to build confidence and security (the 1rst line) and how it  behaves naturally and in private (the 2nd line).  The 3rd line Profile leads it’s life very differently from either of these Profiles.  It’s out there getting into anything and everything... and trying everything with it.  It’s motivated differently and has its own unique cautions to consider.  If it survives all this ‘trial and erroring,’ it has lots of potential lessons learned to share about making it in the material world.   Although each Profile provides a really big benefit to the world, we owe a special debt of gratitude to the 3rd lines.  Unfortunately they don’t get nearly the appreciation they deserve...and often have little support for the challenging role they play.

If you have a 3rd line in your profile (1/ 3, 3/5, 3/6, 6/3...or want to know more about them), join us as we explore some really crucial things for you:

•    3rd line gifts and the benefits they provide
•    The real impact of your bonding strategy--What makes you so attractive and why your bonding strategy is so invaluable; when and how to get out of the things you’ve gotten into (jobs, relationships and much more); potential impacts on you and them
•    What motivates you to action... and important cautions
•    What’s the ‘real deal’ about being a martyr...and dealing with ‘mistakes,’ rejection, pessimism, and ‘paying the price’
•    How you're likely to look and act, day-to-day (based on the 3rd line in the major role gates and many of the other key gates in the wheel)
•    How the 3rd line affects your work, your eating, your friends, activities and on and on
(HINT: because of harmonic resonance, you often experience the 3rd line qualities of each gate in your chart, whether you have a 3rd line there or not).
•    The difference that the 1rst, 5th or 6th line in your Profile makes for you (They tell you a LOT!)
•    The difference that having a 3rd line body makes
•    what's likely to influence you--those centers, gates, and circuits in your design that seem to 'compel' you to action... resulting in bad choices and ugly consequences
•    The difference that being a generator, projector or manifestor makes

These sessions will provide a mixture of presentation, participants’ chart examination and active discussion.  All you need to bring is your awareness and willingness to explore.  This is an opportunity for candid discussion and deep exploration. Sharing is optional, but strongly encouraged.

A Human Design Foundation Reading by an IHDS Certified Professional Analyst 

This class is open to everyone, whether they have a 3rd line profile or are simply curious about them for the people in their lives.