International Human Design School

Communication Problems: Source and Solutions

Online Course

November 28, 2022 - December 12, 2022

Monday(s) at 18:00 GMT (1.5 hours)

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Communication is how our world gets built. Getting your point across clearly and coherently is critical in your personal and professional life, no matter who you are.

Have you ever wondered why someone is insistent, argumentative, or perhaps disempowered by communication problems?

Would you like to know and offer simple solutions to solve the issues blocking communion in relationships?

Learn all about the Voices of the Throat at a profound level in our BRAND NEW Communication Workshop Series!

This course identifies the crucial ingredients of effective conversation from our Human Design framework.

Through "Communication Problems: Source and Solutions," you can:

•    Learn to communicate more effectively by exploring our genetic transmission process.
•    Learn how others' communication styles affect each person's personal communication style.
•    Appreciate the art of conversation through the genetic continuity within each design
•    Create the best possible outcome for communicating by operating in alignment

This experience is ideal for dedicated human design students and can be especially helpful for people who want to use Human Design in their counseling, consulting, or coaching practice.

Chart Examples may be submitted for the final Session to illustrate common challenges in relationships and provide specific recommendations. 

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Endowment Discount Available