International Human Design School

Radical Transformations Clinic

Online Course

June 1, 2024 - June 29, 2024

Saturday(s) at 19:00 GMT (2 hours) - See details

Early Bird Price Expires May 18, 2023 Save $50.00

$575.00 $625.00

Are you dedicated to living your Human Design so you can experience the beauty and uniqueness of your highest life expression of purpose?

Our new 5-week-long Variable workshop experiment is designed for IHDS students who are practiced in living their design. Experience the highest levels of differentiation! The Four Transformations facilitate your process of radical deconditioning. Think of this like "Living Your Design" at a deeper level. This four-part deconditioning process is for those ready to embark on a journey that can bring profound change. It begins with the catalyst of following your Strategy and Authority into this aspect of the knowledge.

Each class consists of a 60 minute lecture, half hour break, and then 60 minutes of clinic time.

A Foundation Analysis by IHDS Analyst is required plus the Living Your Design Awakening Program OR

A Full Career Design Consultation by a BG5 Certified Consultant plus BG5 Foundations 1

AND Experimenting with HD and Sleeping Alone for a minimum of 1 year


Early Bird Price Expires May 18, 2023 Save $50.00

$575.00 $625.00