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Rave Mandala: The Garden Paths We Walk Through

Online Course

January 20, 2024 - March 23, 2024

Saturday(s) at 17:00 GMT (1.5 - 2.0 hours)

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Ra often spoke with great awe and wonder about the power of the Rave Mandala. In several of his presentations he would refer to the Mandala and say, "You really want to spend some time with the structure of the Mandala. It really is something." In this 10 week General Education Series, we will do just that. Utilizing the structures Ra outlines in his definitive work "The 16 Faces Of God", this Course will take a different look at the Quarters of the Mandala, the 4 Faces within each Quarter, and the 4 Gates that comprise each Face.

It all comes down to what a Gate actually is ... an indicator, a doorway, and sign at the front of a new domain ... what I will call a Garden. Within each Garden are a specific series of step stones or Lines. As we wonder along the Garden Pathway, we move from one Garden to the next and, in a group of 4 Gardens, we find ourselves with a Park. With four Parks within a Region (Quarter of the Mandala) we begin to disclose and find revealed to us how the pathway is not certain, it is not entirely unknown either. As the traditional use of the I Ching was to gain a larger perspective of where we are, where we have been, and where we are going, so too can we utilize the Mandala Progression to get a sense of where we are within any Cycle. Are we in the Region of Inspiration? Of Formation? Of Interaction? Or Completion? What Park are we walking along within the Garden Pathway?

This is what we will explore over 10 weeks. While it will not be exhaustive or absolute, the intention is that you have the essential technique for using the Mandala to gain a new perspective on the Cycle you are within. As this is an advanced study of Gates, Lines, and the Mandala (with some general reference to an advanced perspective of a blank BodyGraph) this Course is recommended for those who have investigated Human Design for a bit.
It is not a requirement ---- simply a recommendation as there will not be time to explain or teach some of the fundamentals of the components of the Human Design System.

Live attendance is encouraged but not required.  There will be recordings posted after each class.

Recommended: Definitive Book of Human Design; Human Design Foundation Reading by an IHDS Certified Professional

Early Bird Price Expires January 1, 2024 Save $50.00

$700.00 $750.00