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Part Seeking a Whole ~ Emotional Authority with Community

Online Course

February 2, 2024 - March 15, 2024

Friday(s) at 16:00 GMT (1.5 hour )

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Part Seeking a Whole ~ Emotional Authority with Community
A course for projectors carrying the channel 37/40

Those of us who carry the tribal channel of community are in for a transformative journey reflected by a changing social landscape.

Not only we can witness the mutating solar plexus center shifting gears towards 2027, but we also observe the nature of our relationships change while learning to operate with ‘enlightened selfishness’ as projectors.

Breaking the tribal support code by waiting for the recognizing invitation - and then waiting some more, may result in a sense of isolation. Especially if it involves the loss of a favorite not-self version of ourselves for the people in our lives, who tell us that they miss the way we used to be.

The key questions are:

- Can we wait to be invited correctly, although feeling bound by old loyalties?
- Can we dare to be honest with emotional clarity, although feeling locked in obligations?

This course is about pushing boundaries with authority, and fulfilling our relationship bargains correctly.

During the course we will explore the following themes:

• The 37/40 life force - complexity and strengths.
• Breaking the tribal rules with strategy and authority, and surviving.
• Your emotional authority's areas of vulnerability - conditioning that enslaves you.
• 2027 key changes - the potential role of the correct 37/40 authority.
• Mystical Way and the community bridge - where to?

This course is for Projectors only; Human Design Foundation Reading by an IHDS Certified Professional

**Please contact Ella before registration in case you cannot attend the classes live.**


Early Bird Price Expires February 2, 2024 Save $50.00

$425.00 $475.00