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Melancholy: The Sweet Sorrow

Online Course

May 18, 2024 - June 15, 2024

Saturday(s) at 17:00 GMT (1.5 - 2.0 hours)

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Ra taught that any Channel or Gate within the Knowing or Centering Circuits or the Channels of Integration (a total of 15 Channels and 22 Gates) all carry the potential for Melancholy. He said that this is a biochemical process that exists; nothing can be done to prevent it. The most dangerous thing one can do is to add meaning to these sensations as it can then lead to a full blown clinical depression. What do we DO with Melancholy then? How do we deal with it? Is there any purpose to this process or is it something that we just endure?

I carry 9 (yes, nine) Channels and 13 Activated Gates carrying the potential for Melancholy. (The Channels of Mutation/Pulse, Struggle/Stubbornness, The Brain Wave/Penetrating Awareness, Exploration/Following Convictions, Initiation/Needing to be First, Power/An Archetype, Perfect Form/Survival, Awakening/Higher Principles, Charisma/Response Becomes Deeds along with Gates 23 and 14) and, therefore, have a very deep experiential understanding of what Melancholy is like.

In this 5 week Course, we will explore all of the Channels that carry the potential for Melancholy, we will investigate the elegance that each offer, and will observe what is possible when Melancholy is simply allowed to be. I will say up front that I will make absolutely no attempt to "fluff up and make pretty" the process of Melancholy. My hope is that each Student comes to embrace the true sweetness of this very human sorrow.

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Early Bird Price Expires May 1, 2024 Save $50.00

$300.00 $350.00