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It is very important to have accurate time of birth in order to generate a correct chart. If you are not sure you have the exact time contact the hospital where you were born, or the department of vital statistics in the city/state you were born, or try locating your birth certificate. Another possibility is rectification through an experienced Vedic Astrologer, or a licensed Human Design analyst may be able to assist you as well. Not all Human Design Analysts offer rectification.

For more information please contact

If you are a Projector or are under the age of 30, you are eligible for the Endowment, which offers a 20% discount on selected products and courses. This endowment is available to anyone under 30 as we wish to make this knowledge more easily accessible to young people. It is also available to Projectors because, more than any other Type, they have a deep need to study Human Design in order to understand their process.

To register, please send an email to including your birth data (date, time and place) and our office will contact you with additional details once your registration is in place.

Classes and Lectures are taught using an online classroom, this is a virtual space where classes take place; everything happens inside of a window and communication is established between the teacher and the students by means of:

  • Speaking: teachers and students have the chance to speak in an ordered way one at a time, and everyone participating will listen through the computer's speaker
  • Writing: participants can send public or private instant messages that will be received by everyone or a private user.
  • Watching slides and sketches that the teacher performs during class

Every lecture or class from a course will be posted in your IHDS account shortly after the end of the class so that it can be downloaded and reproduced the same way it was imparted. Also, in the personal account summary where courses are scheduled you will find links for any past class. 

The IHDS uses for their classrooms. You will be sent an instructional welcome letter from the IHDS prior to the start of your course. All you will need to do is click on the link provided and enter the classroom name. If it is your first time on Zoom you will be asked to download the application onto your computer, and you are ready to go! You should be able to attend class on any compatible device.

New posts are open for the duration of the class, however old Forum posts are still retained on older Course webpages.

Log into your IHDS Profile and while hovering over the Profile link click on My Subscriptions.  Scroll down to see all of your courses and click on course to view and download the class recordings.

These recordings will not expire and will be available in your IHDS account.

If the manual required for your course is a printed book, such as the Living your Design Manual, please go to the website of your National Organization. All printed material is published by our National Organizations. If there is no National Organization in your country you may purchase the material from any one of the other organizations.

If your required manual is a Digital Book you can purchase this from the IHDS Digital eBooks.  If you do not have access to purchase the digital book that is required, please write an email to our office at  in order to gain access.

If you require a specific software edition such as Student, Professional or Professional Penta edition for your course you can purchase it from the Jovian Archive website. For MMAI, BG5 or DreamrRave editions, please contact to make your purchase.

A career as a Human Design professional offers you the opportunity to work with and share this knowledge with others. There are various different paths you can take toward becoming a professional: as a Living Your Design Guide, a Professional Analyst, a PHS practitioner and more. Please visit this page for more information on the Human Design certification curriculum.

The next step after a Human Design reading is to take the Living Your Design Workshop.  If you have further questions, please contact our office at

Visit our Calendar of events to find out about upcoming courses, lectures and more.

You can also visit us and connect with other students through Facebook.

If you are new to Human Design we suggest you first visit our Newcomer page where you can find out more about Human Design and create your free chart. The next step is to have a reading by a  licensed Individual Rave Analyst. This is an important step because you will be given a deeper, synthesized introduction to your design so that you can begin the experiment of living it. A reading is also a prerequisite to most classes that are offered. To find a Human Design professional, you can browse the Human Design Professional listing.