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Gate 16 - Enthusiasm

Gate of Skills - The Skills for Living - Life as Art

The great art of enriching life by the harmonic channeling of energy. Experimentation to find the 'Perfect' skillful expression.

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Right Angle Cross of Planning 2 | Godhead - Lakshmi

Quarter of Civilization, the Realm of Dubhe
Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Form Mystical Theme: Womb to Room

This Gate is part of the Channel of The Wave Length, A Design of Talent, linking the Throat Center (Gate 16) to the Splenic Center (Gate 48). Gate 16 is part of the Collective Understanding (Logic) Circuit with the keynote of sharing.

With Gate 16 we eventually make our mark in the world as a keen critic, skilled performer, or through our talent and enthusiasm for living. We don't, however, begin life that way. We need to identify with a skill or skills, dedicate ourselves to repetition of the pattern, and focus on practice until we reach a point of mastery that transcends the skill itself and becomes an art. The world waits for that moment when the dancer becomes the dance, or when living one's life becomes its own masterpiece. We are looking for the perfect way to express our expertise. Without Gate 48 however, we may become self-critical and feel that we don't have the adequate depth.

We are also searching for a source of material support that will allow us to concentrate on perfecting our talent, our theory, our solution, so we can then make it available to the world. We look to people with Gate 48 to bring their depth and dimension to our skill, as well as to properly direct, correct and encourage our own disciplined practice.

Line 2 - The Cynic
The sharpness to burst bubbles.

Exaltation: Self-reliance and the skill to judge objectively any claim regardless of rhetoric. The expression of the skill to judge objectively.

Detriment: The compulsive cynic, whose very cynicism is a source of enthusiasm. Objectivity expressed through cynicism.

The Daily View reflects the impact the Sun (70% of the neutrino influence) is having on humanity as it moves through the Gates and Lines of the Mandala. Transits are potentials that you can witness in others and the world around you, and, if correct for you, as you follow your individual Strategy and Authority, may become a part of your experience as well.

Please refer to The Definitive Book of Human Design for more detail and information.

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