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Human Design Charts and Reports

The entry point to discover your Human Design is to get your Free Human Design Chart. Your Human Design Chart or BodyGraph reveals the basic components of your design. The three steps below are a great way to begin your journey of self-discovery.

  1. Run your Free Human Design Chart to reveal your design.
  2. Order your Free Human Design Short Report. The Short Report gives you additional critical information about yourself.
  3. Purchase the very popular and comprehensive Personal Human Design Report.

Free Human Design Chart Service
Free Human Design Chart Service
Meet yourself

Create a Free Human Design Chart for yourself, family or friends. With the Free Chart you'll receive keynotes for your Type, Strategy, Profile, Definition, Authority, Not-Self Theme and your Incarnation Cross name.

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Free Human Design Short Report
Free Human Design Short Report
Personalized Introduction

The Free Short Report is a great personalized introduction to your design and The Human Design System. Enjoy a brief overview of your Type, Strategy, Authority and Centers. You'll also find additional next step information.

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Your Full Personal Human Design Report
Your Full Personal Human Design Report
User Manual for Your Life

This wonderfully detailed 50-page report covers your Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile and Cross, Planets, Channels, Gates and Lines. It's a great gift or tool for anyone interested in a quick reference to your Human Design information.

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