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A Newcomer's Guide to Human Design

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Are you new to the Human Design System and curious about your Human Design? Trying to understand your chart can be overwhelming at first. This guide is designed to demystify some of the basic elements of your chart and the charts of your friends and family. 

After a short introduction, the guide covers Type & Strategy, Authority, Defined & Undefined Centers, Definition, Profile, and a brief introduction to Incarnation Crosses. There is a Resource section in the back with links to learn more and what your next steps might be. With your chart in hand, you can use this handy guide to help you understand how you're meant to differentiate.

It's also a great gift idea for students or professionals to purchase for initiating friends & family into Human Design or a great companion piece for a reading.

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About the Authors:

Lynda Bunnell is the Director of the International Human Design School and Dean of the BG5 Business Institute. Lynda studied directly with Ra and was chosen by him to take over the Educational Arm of Human Design.

Ruth Brennan is an IHDS Certified Analyst, BG5 Certified Analyst, Teacher and practitioner of Human Design. Ruth has worked with Lynda on many projects for the IHDS. Ruth has a special empathy for Newcomer's to Human Design and helped write the content for the Free Short Report. 

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