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Ascendancy of the Projector

Audio Course

As an investigator and father of a Projector child, Alok explores the deep nuances and differences that make up this most incredible type.

Includes Audio files and Image slides.

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Alokanand Diaz


As an experiential emotional being with a 1 / 3 profile, I very much like to be able to sustain what I claim to know with what are my own personal observations in an empirical process. I remember the years when Ra was so powerfully insisting on hammering ‘The Way of the Generator’, that it was my Geometry to have a child with a Projector during that time, and obviously my curiosity as an investigator got so deeply absorbed with trying to understand the incredibly deep nuances and differences that make up this most incredible type.

Something like five years ago, I offered ‘The Way of the Projector’ in Spanish, which was a deeply touching process to go through, and last year I did it again in Italy. Now that Ra is emphasizing again the potential transcended contribution of projectors to the development of our nine centered vehicular consciousness, I feel it is the appropriate time to offer this program to the English student group as well.

The focus of the course will be on the potential impact that each of the 22 projected channels can have on the awareness of the transitional form that leads to the mutation of Solar Plexus Consciousness.

This course was originally taught in the IHDS by Alok in 2008.

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Endowment Discount Available