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Exploring the deeply dynamic connections established by the Sun / Earth and Nodal Polarities inside the Body Graph.

Includes Audio files and Image slides.

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Alokanand Diaz


In my own learning curve with Human Design, I have been very fortunate in my Geometry to endure through its many mutations as it grew into what today is an incredibly mature body of knowledge. In comparison, we were very poorly equipped as professionals in the beginning. As a matter of fact, for quite a long period of time the only analytical key besides the capacity to read the Definition in the Body Graph was the Cross of Life. But what an amazing key it was.

In the recognition of this, what I found most fascinating was the seemingly random but in fact deeply dynamic connections established by the Sun / Earth and Nodal Polarities inside the Body Graph. Overtime, I started to notice that those thematic polarities were always there between those two gates, whether one had them activated or not, because those polarities represent a basic mechanical grid upon which all the circuits that exist in the Body Graph are interconnected.

Polarities have never stopped fascinating me, and there is not a single day in which I look at them and do not discover new themes and relationships arising out of each of the 32 hexagram polarities that we find in the wheel. Many years ago I had my first creative attempt as a teacher in Human Design going around all polarities in the wheel and describing them as a sequence to my Spanish students, way before I followed Ra around the wheel in the Global Orchestration Directories Training.

I rarely had a chance to share my understanding about the relationship between the Rave Body Graph and Rave Mandala with the english student group, and I feel this is a course that provides a perfect opportunity to fulfil that purpose. I invite you all to share with me the pleasure of what is a deeply exciting journey.

This course was originally taught in the IHDS by Alok in 2008.

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Endowment Discount Available