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AURA: Living within an Invisible Bubble

Audio Course

Understanding Aura brings clarity to your life!

Includes Audio files and Image slides.

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Understanding aura can bring clarity to your life. Each type has a very different aura and to understand the differences can help explain so much about your past. It can help you to see how to live in the now, as well as how to move into the future in a way that is correct for you and protects you. Because we live within our own aura – we don’t really know how vulnerable we are or the impact we have on another type. We tend to think that we are all human beings – which we are – but each type is so different that we might as well be aliens that arrived from different planets! Forget the saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus! The difference of Type is far greater than gender differences.

Think of the difference between the Generator/MG and Projector aura. Think of the difference between the Manifestor and the Generator/MG aura or the Reflector and Projector aura. Aura reveals the basic mystery between types and I look forward to sharing what I see and have come to know about aura.

My name is Mary Ann Winiger. I am a certified Human Design Analyst and Teacher. Everything that I have entered into involving Human Design has been according to my strategy and authority. My involvement with teaching, training LYD guides, giving readings, sessions, workshops, etc. flows according to my sacral response. I never know what I will respond to. I never know when something that is correct will no longer be correct. The only consistency you will ever receive from me is that I honor my sacral response - always. This is a very alive process and I trust it totally. Human Design is an incredible system that can truly transform you and your life.

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Endowment Discount Available