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This is a deep look at each Type as a very young child and the early conditioning that took place.

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These lectures are especially helpful for anyone who is going to work as a Human Design professional. This is a deep look at each Type as a very young child and the early conditioning that took place.  When a person comes to you (or you are looking at the charts of your friends and family) – think of that person as a young child.  It is the first seven years of our lives that condition us. It is this that causes all the pain and suffering as we become adults.

Think of that person as a baby coming into the world.  All babies are so cute and so adorable …  but think about how different each one is according to Type.

The adorable little baby Manifestor who has a powerful aura that is closed and repelling.  The ability of even a young toddler who is a Manifestor to be able to do things that will create fear in the parents and ultimately lead to punishment.

The Projector as a child was not born to run around and play all the very physical games with other children. It’s not natural.  All types have had a rough time as children – conditioned away from who they are – but the Projector was the most deeply hurt by feeling that something was wrong with them because they were not full of energy.

With a Generator or Manifesting Generator - from the moment they were born every one has told them that they have to go out there and get what they want – make it happen. They know it doesn’t work – but to stop that is really scary. They’ve got an incredible motor within them – very powerful but they are totally vulnerable. This is what they need to understand. Without waiting to respond – they are not protected in this life.

A Reflector child hides - either alone in their room or behind an energy person. They are like sponges in their environment - soaking it all up. They can end up really getting attached to one parent – who brings a stable aura because everything is always changing. They are different with each person they are with.  This can bewilder them. All of this can be really overwhelming to young Reflectors.

5 MP3 files - three hours of lecture combined.

Endowment Discount Available