International Human Design School

Workshop for HD Professionals (and those in training) with Mary Ann Winiger

Audio Course

The workshop will be an informal gathering where Mary Ann will share how she was able to work in Human Design as herself and stay correct.

Includes Audio files and Image slides.

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Having worked with people in Human Design for many years, Mary Ann Winiger is offering a workshop to share her wisdom before she goes on sabbatical. This workshop is open to all Human Design Professionals as well as those in training to become Analysts, Guides and Teachers.

The workshop will be an informal gathering with Mary Ann sharing her experience and her wisdom as a 6/2. She will share how she was able to work in Human Design as herself and stay correct. She will also offer practical suggestions about advertising, websites, classroom presentations and email communications.   This is not about Mary Ann saying this is how it is done – but rather this is how she did it and maybe that can give you some ideas and inspiration for your own professional development.  In the workshop, she will be available to respond to your questions, concerns and needs.  

We hope you can join us for this first time Professional to Professional interaction with Mary Ann.

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Endowment Discount Available