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Living Your Design Guide Presentation Slides in Turkish

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Living Your Design Guide Professional Slides in Turkish are now available to those who are certified as LYD Guides or enrolled in the LYDG course.

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The newly created Living Your Design Guide Slide Set & Marketing Package includes:

Beautifully-designed professional PowerPoint slides in Turkish for the Living Your Design Course, including a 147-slide presentation containing the full IHDS Living Your Design Workshop. The slide set is fully-customizable and you may personalize the slides by adding your name and picture to the second slide.  These slides contain updated images from The Definitive Book of Human Design and have been reviewed and edited by the IHDS staff.

A Bonus set of PowerPoint slides including several layouts for student charts, other titled slides to choose from and blank slides to create your own content. The Bonus slides have automatic numbering enabled. When added to the main presentation all slides will automatically renumber.